Porsche Metal Work

When we do metal work on Porsche 356 cars we duplicate the factory welds weather its butt welded with gas or spot welded the same way that Porsche did. Porsche had their own technique in spot welding and it changed over the years from the earliest 356 cars to the last generation of the “C” cars. The earliest cars Porsche actually did a lot of gas welding. Even panels that were later spot welded, the 51, 52 cars, they actually gas welded a lot of the panels and spot welded them on top and we duplicate that as well. Porsche got away from a lot of gas welding as the cars production increased and we duplicate their welds as well with our spot welders, we don’t fake them out.

When we metal finish a car we lead the body same way the Porsche factory did. We lead the noses, the door gaps, the deck lid gaps and we prep the metal with a phosphate coating to prevent it from rusting. Then we photograph the car. We like to give the car credibility that way. Before we paint we like to show what the car really looked like. Once it’s painted it’s hard to show that. The photographic record showcases the craftsmanship that goes into each car and that goes a long way toward the value of the car and the saleability . It gives the car history and credibility as opposed to the average car where you don’t know what you’re getting.