Porsche 356 Pre-A Aluminum Script from 1949 to 1955

Beautifully made these look like jewelry when polished up.

Have a few of these scripts they were CNC machined to exact original specifications including the studs. Note some others have made similar scripts but use the lost wax method and cast them, those scripts are about 10% smaller because of shrinkage and will not fit in factory holes that’s why I had these CnC’d to exact tolerances to fit the existing holes.

They are 215mm long by 12 high.

They match the factory holes almost perfectly no modifications needed to the original script holes on the body.

They have the knurling between the letters.

The face will need a little hand polished for a show car or leave them as is for a driver. The front script will need to have a slight curve put in to fit the nose, the rear is almost flat much lesser curve needed.

$295 each shipped.


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