1960 Outlaw

Hi to all the 356 buffs

This car is own by a very well known 356 enthusiast here in Southern California and is up for sale, we have stored and maintained this car for some time and its a beauty.

Built and designed by Dink Farmer in Northern California at twice the asking price,
if you know Dink farmers work you know this car is all metal, crafted to the highest quality.

This very attractive and unique car is stunning and very pleasing to the eye, its had the roof line lowered, the gutters removed, outside door handles removed, functional rear air scoops, all 4 911 wheel arches, 911 rocker panels, 911 wheels, 911 disc brakes, front hood shortened resembling 911 front, 911 front lights, etc, etc.

Has Sunroof.

The interior has also had a make over, 914 sports seats, custom design interior, massive hi fi system speakers in rear seat area, radio/CD player in glove box etc,etc.

The Drive train is 356 741 trans, and a late "C" engine #715742.

Drives and handles excellent a blast to drive, and show stopper.

Priced to sell ask for Louis 714 484 0506